Update on practicing acupuncture post Covid

Dear Clients,

I hope you have all coped through these challenging times without too many upsets and without health or physical problems. The good news for those of you who do need to seek acupuncture treatment soon.

Public Health England has asked community health services to resume face to face care for all patients (not just acute and urgent), excluding those who are shielding or vulnerable. I will therefore resume practicing from Tuesday 2nd June so please get in touch if you would like to make an appointment. 

We will need to continue to take precautions to ensure hygiene standards are maintained. To reduce potential viral transmission I will be taking the following actions.

Formal Risk Assessment

I have conducted a formal risk assessment

Prior to appointment confirmation

Prior to an appointment being confirmed, I will call you to carry out a screening/triage.  During this I will ask you some questions about whether you, or anyone you live with, are currently or have recently been unwell, or are living with someone who is shielding or vulnerable. The answer to these questions will determine whether or not I can offer you a face to face appointment.

If it is deemed best that you do not see me face to face, I can offer you a video consultation during which I will take your case history,  ask you questions about your condition, its history of development , your general health, your daily activities etc. I may ask you to perform some movement tests to further assess what may be contributing to the development of your problem. I can then help you work towards a self management programme which will include an individualised rehabilitation programme of specific exercises which will arrive by email, advice on how to regain general fitness and health until a time when I am able to see you in person if there is still a need.

If a face to face appointment can be made I will outline the procedures I have in place to protect both of us. 

Face to face procedures

Appointments will continue to be one hour long. I will leave an extra 15 mins between appointments in order to wash then disinfect the door bell, door handles, banisters, railings, work surfaces, toilet area and sink, plinth, floor, coat hooks , chairs, table, i zettle/payment point. On line or card payments only. 

I will use my plinth/table without covers and sheets so that it is easy to clean between clients. All treatment cushions used during the treatment will have a plastic, washable covers. 

I will change my clothes between clients. I will wear a face mask. Please bring your own mask or face covering.   I will wear nitrile gloves on request unless you choose for me to use my hands without the gloves.  Either way I will friction wash my hands and arms with soap and hot water between clients. 

Please wear a clean long sleeved T shirt and leggings when you come for an appointment. Please bring your own clean towel/covering to place over you if you think you will be cold, and a bag to put it in at the end of the session. Please bring your own water bottle. There will be paper hand towels and 60+% alcohol hand sanitiser available. All waste will be disposed of clinically. The room will be well aerated between clients and all day when it is not being used. 

I recognise that there will be a continuing level of anxiety about face to face contact which involves physical therapy. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do – or put in place- which might help alleviate some of that anxiety.

Please cancel you appointment if you have any symptoms of cough, fever, shortness of breath, recent loss of smell or taste, chills, headache, sore throat or have been in contact with anyone who has has the above symptoms. 

I will follow up our appointment with a call two days later to see how you are. 

Treatment Fees

My fees will be as follows:

  • £65 for one hour consultations and treatment/advice/exercise rehab programme
  • £55 for children, babies and concessions

Yours sincerely,

Ceri Bloor
33 Ambrose Road,